Small improvement scheme
This is a scheme being put forward by our MP, Marcus Fysh, to SCC Highways to slow traffic along Old Road and Ham Hill Road
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Old Road

Ham Hill Road

The distribution of the consultation plans by the County Council was determined by those properties in proximity to the scheme. 

The views of the Parish Council were given to Marcus Fysh MP to share with the County Highways, but briefly were:

  1.   there is still no safe pedestrian route from Hall Hill Road to Rex Road;
  2. have cyclists been considered at all?;
  3. the quite considerable proposed amount of road markings would need to be regularly maintained;
  4. there seems to be a plethora of signs;  
  5. the proposed new directional sign at the crossroads is suitable for an urban area, but not a village, se existing fingerpost should be repaired and replaced);
  6. an additional hump is needed on Rex Road near to the junction with Lower Odcombe; and
  7. an additional hump is needed as you enter the village from Camp Road.