Transparency Code

Odcombe Parish Council must now comply with the Transparency Code as neither its income or expenditure in 2016/17 amounted to more than £25,000. 


Paragraph 10 of the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities summarises its requirements as follows:


Smaller authorities should publish:

a.      all items of expenditure above £100                                        Listed on finance page

b.      end of year accounts                                                                Listed on audit page

c.      annual governance statement                                                   Listed on audit page

d.      internal audit report                                                                   Listed on audit page

e.      list of councillor or member responsibilities                              Listed on Councillor page

f.       the details of public land and building assets                            Listed below

g.      Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings      Listed on Meeting Dates, agendas and                                                                                                          minutes page


Details of public land and building assets - the Parish Council does not own any land or building assets.  However, it manages the recreation ground, play area and car park of the Village Hall on behalf of the District Council