Possibly the most beautifully situated and welcoming church in the whole of Somerset !

The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul

The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul has been in existence since the 13th Century and its commanding position at the very highest point of the village offers truly magnificent views of the surrounding countryside in every direction.

Renowned for its link to the 17th century writer and traveller, Thomas Coryate, the church also boasts six bells with its dedicated and skilled team of ringers and 25 stained glass windows - many historic, but some also with strikingly modern designs.

Odcombe is justifiably proud of its magnificent church which offers a warm welcome to all members of the local community and visitors every day between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 pm.


Learn much more about our church, its history, services and range of activities at:

Odcombe Church Website

st peter and st paul church exterior