There are plenty of opportunities for ‘ordinary’ shopping in the surrounding area but Odcombe is proud to offer variety and innovation that’s perfect for our rural location as well as being kind to the environment.

Greensleeves Farm Shop

greensleeves nursery and farm shop

Greensleeves Farm Shop

The Greensleeves Nursery and Farm shop has long been a feature of life in the village, but now under new ownership it has been completely refreshed with an an exciting new redevelopment. Crucially, it proudly retains its distinctive local character and focus with the new owners who live in the village.

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Holy Cow Vending Machine

The Holy Cow vending machine opened on 7th March 2020 offering fresh milk 24/7, together with an assortment of items, such as cheeses, cream and butter for sale as well.

If anyone has a request for local products to be stocked please contact Matthew and Coral