Chinnock Hollow

Published: 11 October 2021

Chinnock Hollow: I updated adjacent parish councils regarding closure and works/survey of Chinnock Hollow.

I have met on-site with councillors from adjacent parish councils with Officers in recent months and had some very useful conversations. Contractor specialising in land slip surveying were appointed in Spring this year, unfortunately due to Pandemic restrictions, work backlogs and other resource/staffing issues there has been a much longer than usual wait for this survey to be started.

My apologies for delays which are beyond our control. I know Officers share the frustrations of local residents and those who use the hollow on a regular basis. I can confirm the survey team’s on-site/start date is now confirmed as the 18th of October. Initial investigation works will involve vegetation clearance and inspections, with the ecological works undertaken in between. At this stage we do not have an indication as to how long this stage will last. The team will submit an options report to Somerset County Highways in the weeks following and I will update you as soon as further information is available to me.

I just want to assure you that the importance of the road is understood. Safety must come first I am sure you agree and that this safety audit must be completed before we can consider any necessary works that might be required prior to re-opening the road.

I have a meeting next week on-site with the Director of Somerset Highways. As soon as there is further information, I will update parish councils. Please do also share with residents in your local communities